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Booking Contract

Suricata Safaris acts as a tour operator as well as supplier and distributor for travel and tourism-related suppliers. By travel and tourism-related suppliers, we mean Destination management companies, hotels, activity providers, tour operators, accommodation organizers, transport companies, and more. By the term “booking”, we mean the purchase of any product or service made on any of our websites, or at your local destination when it is part of Suricata Safaris’ network. Bookings are binding when Suricata Safaris has sent a written confirmation to an email address submitted by the customer.

The confirmation is our contract, and it is important that you, the customer, make sure that it is in accordance with your order. Any comments must be made immediately. Payment confirms acceptance of these conditions. Suricata Safaris advises customers to print out the confirmation and take it with them on their trip. You must be at least 18 years of age to make a reservation with Suricata Safaris. Some product owners/suppliers/partners may impose a higher age limit, in which case they will provide notification of this when you order.

Payments and Refunds

The agreed payment terms apply. Usually, a deposit payment is made when the reservation is done. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of safari and accommodation. In the case of Lodge Safaris, the deposit is 50% of the overall value. Payment of the deposit is due at reservation. The deposit is not refundable.

The remaining balance is to be paid at the start of the safari, usually in cash. In case payment with a credit card or PayPal is preferred, the customer has to reimburse the handling fees that are charged to Suricata Safaris (usually 5-8%).

Activities and Cancellation

— All bookings should be confirmed by payment as the terms of your personal schedule.

— Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to departure will be charged 100%.

— Cancellation 72 hours to 7 days prior to departure will be charged 75%.

— Cancellation 7 days to 21 days prior to departure will be charged 50%.

— Cancellation 21 days or longer prior to departure incur no cancellation Cancellation can only be done by email to the email address info@suricatasafaris.com.

— “No Shows” will be charged 100% (no show also includes showing up after meeting time).

— Suricata Safaris reserves the right to resell tickets of no-showing guests.

Alcohol and Drugs

Guests clearly under influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the tour with no rights to refund. Guests clearly under influence of alcohol or drugs may be removed from the activity or bus and will be returned by separate transfer at their own costs to the pick-up point. The guests are liable for costs incurred due to wilful damage.

The «Right to Cancellation» or «Make Amendments» from suppliers, partners, operators

Circumstances over which we or our product owners (suppliers/partners) have no control, e.g. weather conditions, breakdowns, labor disputes and the equivalent (force majeure) may result in cancellation/amendment.

Should such cancellation/significant amendment occur, the organizers will provide the customer with immediate notification. If the customer cannot accept any suggested alternatives on the spot, he/she will be given a full refund after Suricata Safaris has been notified by the product owner/supplier/partner.

Insurance and Insurance Cancellation

We recommend all our customers to make sure they have satisfactory insurance arrangements prior to their trip.


It is considered a shortcoming when what you receive deviates from what you have booked and was confirmed. It is also a shortcoming when you are given insufficient or negligent information about conditions that would normally be of importance to the product you have booked.

The following circumstances are not considered shortcomings:

— minor delays when traveling;

— deviations from normal weather, temperatures or other climatic conditions;

— unrealistic expectations about the wild animals presence, or «zoo expectation»;

— circumstances resulting from the travelers own negligence;

— and the not observance of the information on our Tanzania Travel Guide.

Even though we have done what we can to ensure accuracy and availability, some errors may occur. When such occurrences are brought to our attention, we will do our utmost to ensure that you are notified within 3 working days after your reservation has been made. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and refund the price paid.

Modifications and Errors

Our website may be subject to modifications and errors without notice. The information provided may be subject to changes that have occurred after it was published. We can accept no responsibility for any clerical errors.

Other General Terms

Suricata Safaris can accept no responsibility for accidents or damages (deaths and or other personal injuries) resulting in the discontinuation of all or part of a trip, provided that the damage was caused by no fault of ours or our suppliers.

Questions and complaints in conjunction with your booking

Should you have any other inquiries or complaints in conjunction with your booking prior to your departure, please contact us by email at info@suricatasafaris.com.

Should you have any complaints with regard to a product owner/supplier/partner while on your trip, be sure to lodge your complaint immediately and officially with the relevant product owner/supplier/partner and make sure you receive a written confirmation before departing/checking out.

If you have any other questions or complaints in conjunction with your booking or the actual product itself, you may contact us on your return home, no later than 30 days after the event took place. State your booking reference and/or forward all relevant information in writing.

In all cases please contact us in order to communicate straight on any topic. You can reach us via e-mail: info@suricatasafaris.com.


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