Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance


We are up for hiking the highest free-standing mountain of the world, we are aware of the risks involved

We, Suricata Safaris, value our guests and would like you to have the peace of mind and protection you need to ensure you are taken care of in circumstances such as trip cancellation and medical emergencies. Kilimanjaro travel insurance typically also covers lost or delayed baggage, flight delays, and other events that can impact your trip. We, therefore, consider it imperative for Kilimanjaro hikers to take out appropriate special travel insurance for hiking Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro travel insurance for high altitude climbing

If you have Kilimanjaro travel insurance, you will be protected with a health cover (very specific for a 6,000 m and above hiking experience) in case of any emergency situation. Such insurance covers also offer you emergency evacuation facilities like helicopter rescue. Your travel insurance will be verified by our Suricata Safaris staff before the trek.

Insurance for minor accidents

We highly recommend our guests to get the cover, as climbers are likely to meet with minor incidents; rock slides, health complications, minor injuries etc. While looking for the best Kilimanjaro travel insurance cover, ensure that you are given evacuation and hospitalization facilities in Tanzania

Insurance for mountain sickness or other diseases 

Considering pandemics such as COVID-19 or Malaria, hiking Kilimanjaro, travel insurance offers a breath of relief for most of our climbers. From quick evacuation to connecting climbers to the best hospitals, guests insured will have many insurance benefits.

Insurance for loss due to theft, travel damage & cancellations

From your home country to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, usually no problems happen but we must be prepared just in case. From damage of your valuables to cancellation of your flights and theft. And while you are spending a hefty amount on your travel, why not be smart and get yourself covered for a negligible amount? We would do that ourselves.

Considering the various factors while traveling, having travel insurance for Kilimanjaro hike cannot be neglected. 98% of our hikers come with travel insurance and Suricata Safaris highly recommend you to do this for your Kilimanjaro safety and full protection

Take some time to read through exactly what your Kilimanjaro travel insurance policy covers, and where you might have liability. Don’t wait until you need to make a claim, make sure you’re clear about what’s covered – and what’s excluded.

Suricata Safaris provides the best Kilimanjaro Hiking Package and customizes as per your hiker needs. We will let you know about the best time to hike Kilimanjaro so that you can experience the best that the summit has to offer. During the hiking our guides will provide you with Mount Kilimanjaro facts and details that you would have never heard of before!

Get in touch with us on and we will plan together your Mount Kilimanjaro hike accordingly to your expectations.

Our Travellers Says

Absolutely amazing experience. Everything from the organization, the information the whole adventure was something that cannot be described with words, you have to do it on your own to really believe it. Special shout out to all the Suricata dream team! 


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