Best Time To Visit Tanzania


The Best Time To Visit Tanzania is from late June to October during the Dry season when wildlife viewing is normally at its best.

The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is usually during June and July which is regarded as the Best Time To Visit Serengeti. The time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February which is regarded as the Best Time To Go To Tanzania.

The southern and western circuit parks are best visited during the Dry season (June to October), unlike the more popular northern circuit parks that can be visited year-round.

Month-By-Month Guide To Travelling In Tanzania

  • Visiting Tanzania in January

There is a chance of rain, the temperature is getting higher and the humidity is building. It’s still a good time to go as rates are lower and safari is excellent.

  • Visiting Tanzania in February

Migration is still occurring in Ndutu. The weather is hot and humid with a chance of rain.

  • Visiting Tanzania in March

Migrating herds are starting to leave Ndutu, heading west towards Grumeti.

  • Visiting Tanzania in April – May

This is a period of heavy rain, so we would advise against traveling at this time.

  • Visiting Tanzania in June

This is the green season, bringing lush grasses and bush that can make spotting game more difficult.

  • Visiting Tanzania in July

This is the start of the peak season and is also the Best Month To Visit Tanzania. The Migration is in the north of the Serengeti moving towards Kenya, and elephants start to gather in Tarangire. July is also the Best Time To See Serengeti Migration.

  • Visiting Tanzania in August

This is the peak season. Migration is still in the north. As the land becomes more parched, the animals’ behavior becomes more predictable.

  • Visiting Tanzania in September

The end of the migration is still in the north, with herds on both sides of the Kenya and Tanzania borders and high numbers of elephants in Tarangire. 

  • Visiting Tanzania in October

The migration is now in Kenya, but the game viewing in central Serengeti is still very good. Southern parks are particularly rewarding at this time of year.

  • Visiting Tanzania in November

Although it is not the Best Month For Tanzania Safari yet you can take advantage of low season rates and is still a popular time to travel.

  • Visiting Tanzania in December

There is a chance of rain, but this is generally overnight. Temperatures and humidity start to build. The most important Tanzania Travel Guide is to be prepared for rough weather in these low season months and check with us for the right time for planning the trek.

Best Season To Visit Tanzania

High Season
  • June to October –Dry Season
  • June and July are the Best Seasons To Visit Tanzania and see the wildebeest migration
  • August to September is the best time to see the wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti
  • Animals are easier to spot since they concentrate around waterholes and rivers
  • There are fewer mosquitoes because there is little to no rain
  • Skies are clear and most days are sunny
  • Mornings and nights get cold; it’s recommended to bring warm clothing
Low Season
  • November to May –Wet Season
  • January-February is the time to see the calving in the southern Serengeti and an excellent time to see predator action
  • The scenery is green and beautiful; it’s low season, meaning lower rates and less crowded parks
  • Although wildlife is easier to spot in the Dry season, you’ll still see plenty, especially in the northern circuit parks
  • Migratory birds are present, and bird watching is at its best
  • Except for March, April, and May, rains are mostly short afternoon showers and seldom interfere with your trip
  • March to May is the peak of the Wet season
  • Wildlife viewing in Tarangire, Katavi, Selous, and Ruaha is better during the Dry season

Tanzania Safari High Vs Low Season

High or Peak SeasonLow or Green Season
About June to October (long dry season)About January to March and November to December
Highest ratesLowest rates
Need to book well in advanceNo need to book too far in advance
Cool and dry weatherHot and occasionally wet weather
Not many baby animals aroundLots of baby animals around
Not many migrant birds to seeFantastic time for bird-watching
Most crowdedLeast crowded
Good photography conditionsGreenest, most scenic landscapes with the best light of the year for photography

Knowing the right time to visit will make your Tanzania Safari Tours even more fulfilling and fruitful. Besides, we provide the best Tanzania Travel Guide to help you plan your safari trip. We have tried our best to give you an overall view of the Best Times To Visit Tanzania. Now what are you waiting for? Visit Suricata Safaris and start planning your trip.

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