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Wear neutral colors; dress casually, comfortable and in layers; check your sunglasses; cover at night and don’t over-pack!

Suricata Safaris has brought you an ultimate guide for Tanzania Packing List which help you find clothes, gear, and more that you need to take. Follow the list and you won’t worry about leaving something behind or taking something that you won’t need on your Tanzania safari.

What to pack for your Tanzania safari

BACKPACK. It's always handy to have a more manageable bag (small backpack or duffle bag) that you can have with you in the vehicle.

WARM SWEATER OR LIGHT FLEECE. It's always good to have something a little warmer to throw on until the sun warms the plains up.

WINDBREAKER OR WATERPROOF JACKET. You never know when there's going to be a sudden squall or downpour, so packing a lightweight rain jacket is a good idea.

WALKING SHOES OR BOOTS. You'll need a comfortable pair of shoes or hiking boots for walking tours on villages, to walk comfortably to your accommodations, snapping photos from the picnic spot, or if you've added any walking safaris to your itinerary.

LONG SLEEVE DRESS SHIRT, LIGHT AND WARM TROUSERS. Perfect for both sun protection and to ward off hungry mosquitoes, a long sleeve shirt and trousers are also a good option for a cold morning or evening.

SUNGLASSES. A must for sunny safari tours.

HAT. A good hat is a great way to avoid nasty burns or heatstroke.

SUNSCREEN AND LIP BALM. To protect from the sometimes strong sun, especially in elevated areas but also on game safaris.

INSECT REPELLENT. To chill during sunsets and especially at night, you must pack insect repellents.

BINOCULARS. In some occasions you want to have a closer look and if you have your own binoculars you can see more details. Usually we also have at least two binoculars by vehicle but to be on the safe side you can bring your own.

PLUG ADAPTATORS. Africa is generally 3-prong round or square, like the UK.

MEDICATIONS. Please don't forget to carry any prescribed or eventually any other medicine in need. Allergy remedy, pain reliever, rehydration salts like Liquid I.V., antiseptic cream, motion sickness tablets (dramamine), heartburn remedy, anti-diarrhea medicine, cold/flu tablets.

What to wear on Tanzania safari

  • T-shirts and tank tops;
  • Long-sleeved shirts;
  • Shorts;
  • Light long pants or convertible long-short pants;
  • Warm fleece pullover or jacket;
  • One swimsuit;
  • Cotton socks and underwear;
  • Pajamas (also warm ones);
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes;
  • One pair of sandals or flip-flops;
  • Wide-brimmed hat;
  • Bandana (for dust);
  • Heavy sweater, gloves, and toque if travelling in the cold season.

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