Rongai Route


Rongai Route is a good choice for those looking for solitude in a unique wilderness setting as climbers will often have the path completely to themselves for hours or even days

The only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north is the Rongai Route is the only route which is close to the Kenyan border. The route experiences low crowds however is gaining popularity among climbers.

This Kilimanjaro Route is most preferred for those who are looking for an option other than Marangu route. Although Rongai is more or less a difficult route, it is highly recommended for those with less backpacking experience.

Rongai Route variations

The trek on the Rongai Route can take anywhere between six to seven days. The major difference between the Rongai Route 6 Days and Rongai Route 7 Days is an additional acclimatization day at Mwenzi Tarn.

Suricata Safaris offer the affordable Rongai Route cost within group or private climbs. The prices start at US$2,285 per person.

Now that you know the details of this route and its success rate of 80% for the 7 day trek and 65% success rate for the 6 day trek, you must be very excited to plan your trip.

Rongai Route tips

— Prepare a perfect playlist of your favorite songs to listen while climbing the summit.

— Try to stay positive even when the journey seems impossible as climbing can be physically and mentally challenging.

— Be sure to wear your hiking boots before your adventure to Kilimanjaro to avoid blisters.

— Be sure to pack a generous supply of wet wipes and be prepared not to shower for a week.

— To reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness, you must consume as much water as physically possible.

— You should also be mentally prepared for case of altitude sickness. Altitude sickness occurs on the third day of your hike; therefore, it is best to allow extra time in your itinerary where possible.

— We suggest you to add an extra night to your journey to reduce the impact of altitude sickness.

— Try to spend a few weekends camping to get familiar with using limited facilities so that it mentally prepares for the Kilimanjaro climbing and helps you overcome any small barriers you might encounter.

— The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is from June to October.

Suricata Safaris will help you determine the best time to hike Kilimanjaro. We also help our clients in applying for Tanzania Visa and provide them with accurate equipment and a documents list so that they have all the necessary items required for the travel.

Almost all our clients have reported a high Kilimanjaro Success Rate which was possible due to the constant guidance and support preparing the travel and on site, with our guides, porters, Kilimanjaro rangers, and the entire crew. We work tirelessly to make your Kilimanjaro hike a grand success.


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