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The Serengeti comes from the Maa word ‘Serengit’, which translates to ‘the place where the land moves on forever’. The Serengeti is well known for the largest annual animal migration in the world of over 1.5 million blue wildebeest and 250,000 zebra and the largest lion population in Africa.

One of the most famous destinations in Africa, this UNESCO world heritage park is the stage for the dramatic wildebeest migration that takes place each year. Tanzania’s oldest park, covering a whopping 1.5 million hectares, is home to an incredible diversity of animals. The Serengeti National Park is one of the best places for safari in Africa thanks to the huge numbers of big game that reside here.

The great migration is the world's longest overland migration. The complete migration route is around 800 km (500 mi). South of this migration route covers the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where around half a million wildebeests are born between January and March. By March, at the beginning of the dry season, roughly 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebras start to migrate heading north. Common eland, plains zebra and Thomson's gazelle join the wildebeest. In April and May, the migrating herds pass through the Western Corridor.

SIZE: 14,763 sq.km

LOCATION: Northern Tanzania

Are you excited about going to the Serengeti National Park? It is no surprise that you are! With so many amazing sights and attractions awaiting you, book your customized Tanzania Safari Packages with Suricata Safaris and witness the world beyond the hustle-bustle amidst the wildlife.

Our Travellers Says

Serengeti is incredible. We went here during the rainy season but were very lucky with the weather. We saw so many animals and beautiful landscapes

Wildlife of Serengeti

A shortlist of the “most wanted” animals in Serengeti National Park and the chances of spotting them. Some animals are unique to each park or only appear in certain areas. It’s important to let us know your wildlife preferences, so we can give you the best chance of spotting your favorite animal.

The numbers listed are an estimation of how often we’ve seen these animals ourselves based on our visits. Some animals we’ve seen 100%, every time we’ve visited. However, it’s not a zoo, so there’s always a chance you miss an animal.

Feel like visiting yet?

Wild Dog

Safari In The Serengeti National Park

There are three popular regions for Serengeti Safari: the southern plains, the central Seronera Valley, and the western corridor.

The southern plains are flat, open areas of short grassland. This is the quintessential Serengeti landscape, and what you probably picture in your head when you think of Tanzania Safari.

The central Seronera Valley is a network of river valleys whose rich grazing grounds attract the largest numbers of wildlife in the region. This is the most popular area to visit.

The best way to explore the Serengeti is by 4x4 vehicles on a game drive. As you make your way across the savanna grasslands, your guide will point out all the Serengeti Wildlife that you encounter.

A Serengeti National Park Safari will also include an opportunity to get to know the way of life of the Maasai indigenous people. While some African communities flatly reject modernization, the Maasai have a unique way of integrating modern education into their ancient customs and traditions in a balance of old and contemporary.

Best Time To Visit Serengeti National Park

The Best Time To Visit Serengeti National Park to see the migration is from July to October. This is the dry season, and in June and July the herds will be facing their biggest challenge: the Mara river crossing.

If you are keen on seeing the predators in action, go in January or February, when there is a hiatus in the annual rains and the wildebeest calve.

Getting To The Serengeti National Park

There is an airstrip located in the park itself – the Seronera Airstrip receives flights from Dar es Salaam (with flights times from 2.5-4 hours depending on the size of plane you book), Arusha, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro and Ruaha.

You can drive from Arusha, which takes 8 hours but is a Tanzania Safari ride in itself; you will pass much wildlife and beautiful scenery, along a rather bumpy road.

Tanzania Is Our Home

Allow us to let you experience one of the most unique vacations you will ever have. Your eyes would glow from the beauty of the wildlife and nature of Tanzania. We also provide the possibility of visiting traditional Tanzanian villages to further your understanding. It will be an exhilarated experience!


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