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Welcome to home of thousands of birds

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the smallest yet most diverse reserves in Tanzania

From the entrance gate you will be surprised by the presence of entire families of baboons. A little further down the winding road you will have the pleasure of observing and photographing relaxed elephants. All of this immersed in the natural ecosystem, with lush vegetation that sometimes "crosses" the roads. You will get up close to the dominant flat-roofed Acacia trees, also known as the "umbrella trees". Acacias are home to many birds and food to many elephants.

Although only a third of the park consists of dry land, Lake Manyara national park boasts a higher diversity of plant and animal species than the far larger Serengeti National Park.

«The loveliest I had seen in Africa.» Ernest Hemingway, writer

With over 350 species of birds including migratory birds, even the most seasoned bird enthusiast will not be disappointed. The lake itself attracts thousands of pink-hued greater and lesser flamingos on their perpetual migration along with many other aquatic species. Two of the more interesting species commonly seen are the long-crested eagle and the grey-headed kingfisher.

Other fascinating species spotted in and around the soda lake include pelicans, Egyptian geese, ducks, waders, herons, storks, grebes, ibises, kingfishers, and many more. The extraordinary concentration of birdlife has made this place world-renowned among ornithologists.

Lake Manyara is one of the most scenic of Rift Valley lakes teeming with wildlife on its shores. Night safaris are especially popular at Lake Manyara National Park because it's the only national park in Tanzania that allows them.

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LOCATION: Northern Tanzania


Getting there with Suricata Safaris will help you in spotting more animals in Lake Manyara National Park, and also to learn more about the mysteries of the wildlife inhabiting the park. Come join us in this magical and unforgettable experience!

Our Travellers Says

"Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its tree-climbing lions and astounding views over the lake."

Wildlife of Lake Manyara

A shortlist of the “most wanted” animals in Lake Manyara National Park and the chances of spotting them. Some animals are unique to each park or only appear in certain areas. It’s important to let us know your wildlife preferences, so we can give you the best chance of spotting your favorite animal.

The percentages are an estimation of how often we’ve seen these animals ourselves based on our visits. Some animals we’ve seen 100%, every time we’ve visited. However, it’s not a zoo, so there’s always a chance you miss an animal.

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Wild Dog

Reasons To Visit Lake Manyara National Park

  • Lake Manyara National Park is having over 400 bird species and a number of large game and predators

  • The diverse landscape offers travellers a stunning views of the ridge and lake surroundings.

  • Visitors can stay in the Lake Manyara National Park or in the nearby town Mto wa Mbu which offers a variety of activities and is a very genuine Tanzanian small town.

  • Interesting Lake Manyara National Park Activities are available year-round—game drives and bird watching.

  • This is fairly close to Arusha, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Lake Manyara National Park Wildlife

The Lake Manyara National Park is perhaps best known for its tree-climbing lion, often found sprawled in the branches of sausage trees. There are big troops of olive baboon and blue monkeys, prolific elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe and zebra as well as a whole host of smaller animals.

Birdlife in the park is superb, with almost 400 species recorded. There are lustrous bee-eaters, silvery-cheeked hornbills and on the lake you’ll often find white pelicans as well as the flocks of flamingo.

Accommodation At Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park Accommodation varies from camping to luxurious lodges which are exclusive comfortable and provide mouth-watering meals, where to stay will depend on tourist’s choice and budget. Some of the lodes are Lake Manyara kilimamoja lodge, escarpment luxury lodge, Isoitok camp, morona hill lodge, Haven nature safari camp and pamziko safari lodge and spa among the rest.

Best Time to Go to Lake Manyara National Park

The great thing about this national park is that wildlife spotting is good all year long. However, the Best Time To Visit Lake Manyara National Park for animal spotting is during the dry season, which spans between July and October. You’ll most probably have sunny days and you’ll be able to spot animals easier thanks to the thinner vegetation. However, if you do go to the park during this period, remember to bring some warm clothes for the early mornings as they tend to be a bit chilly..

If you want to see stunning landscapes and breath-taking views, however, you should visit the park during the wet season, from November to May. The vegetation is lush and it is also the best time for bird watching.

How to Get There

If you’re traveling to Lake Manyara National Park as part of a Northern Circuit itinerary, it’s likely your tour will start in Arusha, the region’s adventure capital. This is also the best place for a self-drive safari. You can catch direct flights to Arusha Airport (ARK) from Tanzania’s main port of entry, Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar es Salaam. The park is 78 miles west of Arusha on the A104, a distance that takes around two hours to drive. It’s also approximately one hour by road from Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Tarangire National Park.

Lake Manyara National Park Safari

There is no doubt that Lake Manyara National Parks has a distinctive attraction surrounding it. Going there will be a guarantee of a wonderful safari experience, no matter the weather of the season. The variety, diversity, and uniqueness in terms of scenery make this park a great choice for a fantastic Safari In Tanzania. You can expect to see most of the African animals, including several monkeys, elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, and leopards with a bit of luck.

Tanzania is our home

Allow us to let you experience one of the most unique vacations you will ever have. Your eyes would glow from the beauty of the wildlife and nature of Tanzania. We also provide the possibility of visiting traditional Tanzanian villages to further your understanding. It will be an exhilarated experience!


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